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Zeroing in on the highest-payoff, highest-reward activity that will produce the desired results. 

People tend to get overwhelmed with the many hats they have to wear to run a business or get distracted by the “busy work” instead of looking at the contributing factors that grow their business. Mind Masters brings an objective look at what is working and not working, helping you create a plan to reach the desired goals for your business. We leverage like-minded business professionals’ experience and creativity to bring new, out-of-the-box perspectives for finding solutions to business hurdles and ruts.


Studies show that in a structure for accountability, the probability of completing a goal is between 65% and 95%. Through group and one-on-one accountability and mentoring, the Mind Masters Structure encourages business professionals to share committed actions each week in a supportive and confidential structure. Accountability creates a sense of commitment and motivation for completing weekly actions, which might not otherwise be completed on their own. 

There is a myth that you must know, learn, or understand something that is not currently tangible or understood to be successful. Or a person must feel a certain way to be compelled to create success. What separates successful people from those who talk or dream about success is action, action, and ACTION! Consistent action is what leads to significant results!