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Mind Masters in You

My heart has always been about making a difference and being a business owner. The Lady Boss Lab gives me the opportunity to make that difference for small business owners.

The Lady Boss Lab is a structure to help you deal with the challenges of running and growing a business, to help you focus on taking the highest payoff and highest reward activity and having a group of like-minded business owners to support and hold you accountable. We are the entrepreneur’s brainstorming team and I am a Champion for you to Win!

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that my success doesn’t come from learning something or finding the magic potion. It comes from doing the right activity and doing it consistently (period).

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My name is Erin Samaniego. I am a wife, a mother of two young kids, have two dogs, and have built a successful business managing all of it.

As a program coach, former staff member and leader with Landmark Worldwide, I have spent over 25 years in the personal growth and development arena coaching hundreds of people to go beyond their limits and pursue what is important to them. I believe that learning and knowledge are important but what matters most is being grounded in what you are about, and why you want to be a business owner.

I worked in the corporate world for many years, but I never felt settled. I wanted to be self-employed but was afraid to take the leap. I had two small children and we had just bought our first home. There was no way I could leave my job! I thought having a “secure” job was more important than pursuing what I was being called to do. But truly I hated my job and everyday I felt like I was wasting my life sitting behind that desk with no real purpose. 

Well, after eight years, I was laid off from my corporate job! The illusion of “job security” was completely blown apart. In fact, they gave me a whopping two weeks’ severance. I realized there was no such thing as “security” at all. I got exactly what I wanted but didn’t have the courage to do on my own. Looking back I wish I would have taken the leap sooner.

Right away, I put my Plan B into action and decided to work my side business full-time. In just a couple of years I earned an income, promotions, trips, and bonuses. In one year, I was among the top half percent of designers in the company to earn top awards. I was also recognized in the company as a leader and was one of 20 people out of over 45,000 business owners to be published in the annual catalog with my story.

I knew, after what I had accomplished, that I could do anything! Today, I work with ambitious female business owners and help them get the results they work so hard to achieve. 

BTW, if you made it this far, my husband is self-employed too! I’m sharing this because I never thought that would be our life. We are so blessed to have freedom, flexibility and generate amazing incomes doing what we both love and pursuing things as a family that matter so much to us.

We want that for you too!

Let’s talk about how The Lady Boss Lab can support YOU  to discover your full lady boss potential.

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