5 Ways to Deal with Fear

What fear is holding you back from starting a business or taking your business to a whole new level?

Maybe you don’t know what is holding you back. To push forward and become a successful business owner, I had to reach out to the many support resources available for small businesses.

The Lady Boss Lab has become one of those valuable resources. We enable business owners to come together each week to share challenges and brainstorm solutions from like-minded entrepreneurs. We help you focus and hold you accountable for taking critical actions every week to have the success you work too hard to achieve.

Here are five ways to conquer your fears.

Stop trying to change your fear!

Fear is NOT real. Fear is just a thought connected with an emotion or body sensation. If you embrace your fear, you may see what you are resisting. Unless a wild dog is chasing you, there is no “real” fear happening.

Have a plan.

Stop trying to resist the illusion that you will fail. Failure is the opportunity to learn. Write down what is working and not working and look objectively to create a plan to reach your goals. If something is not working, then look at it as an opportunity to see what is missing.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

People who will support your goals and dreams and encourage you to press on when things get tough. Many people around you will try to project their own opinions and fears on to you. This can make you question what you want as a business owner. 

Consistent Action! 

The only way to the other side of fear is to take action. That is the definition of courage: taking action in the face of fear. So count 5-4-3-2-1, scoop up that imaginary fear and toss it up and over your head, and GO!!! It’s proven science that action changes brain patterns, which affects your mood. Once you take action, it can dislodge your fear, but you have to keep moving forward. Take another step and then another until you have developed a whole new habit and ability.

Create some accountability in your activity.

Commit to someone other than your imaginary ghost friend. You can increase the likelihood of reaching your goals when you have promised to do something to someone else. If it’s not about you, then you will be more likely to get something done and won’t let your fear get in the way. 

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