Back to School! Are you ready lady bosses?

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Any moms out there anticipating kids going back to school? Maybe you are already a couple of weeks into the school year! So for ladybosses with kids in school, this might be a double whammy for you. But for any small business owner, you can’t separate the human being from the business. At least most people can’t.

When life happens, you need a support structure in place so that you don’t let the business die when all of your attention is drawn in a different direction. 

It’s times like these when you MUST have a team of people to support you and help you think of ways to have it all work. 

What if you didn’t have to turn away from your business to deal with the personal struggles? And you might think I’m crazy or even insensitive for saying this, but if we turned away from business when any personal crisis happened, you wouldn’t likely survive, unless you had a team in place.

I challenge you to pour into yourself by finding a team or a champion like me to support you during the toughest times because you deserve to have the kind of success you work so hard to achieve. 

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